Saturday, February 23, 2008

Talking Elmo Doll Threatens to Kill Toddler

Well, we all figured that he would eventually snap:

The Bowman family, of Lithia, Fla., said an Elmo doll belonging to their 2-year-old son, James, began to spout death threats towards him after they changed its batteries, reports.

The Elmo Knows Your Name Doll started saying "Kill James!" in a sing-song voice, the site reports.

HT: Ace


Scotte Hodel said...

Elmo's got some bling! Are you sure that it's not Gover or Harry Monster with a hair dye?

Ken L. Hagler said...

Do a search for the song, "Elmo's Got a Gun." It was only a matter of time before he took it out on the rest of us