Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Meeting DannyG

Methoblogger Danny Gmyrek stopped by my house to pay homage to Hyzenthlay and offer a fine tribute of Dunkin Donut muffins. Hyzenthlay was pleased and spared his life.

Danny and I had a great time. We ate breakfast together and talked about blogging and ministry. I made a video, but the file was somehow garbled. Here, at least, is a picture.

Great to meet you, Danny!

Hmm. I can't get the picture to load. It's like Danny is a vampire or something and you can't capture his image. Or something. That's the best I've got. I'm tired. I think that I'll go watch Spongebob.

1 comment:

gavin richardson said...

an angel, thus his preoccupation with steeple pointing towards heaven. &:~D