Sunday, March 02, 2008

One Great Hour of Sharing

This Sunday is One Great Hour of Sharing, a special Sunday celebrated by the UMC, the UCC, the PCUSA, the ABC, and several other Protestant denominations. It is a time to remember to live out our Christian love by giving out of our abundance to those in need.

At my church, we examined an experiment in giving. During last week's sermon, I gave out ten-dollar bills to four volunteers and asked that they give it to a needy person in our county. We talked about those experiences and a significant giving accomplishment in our church. Yesterday, we had a church conference that we called the Methodist Way, in which we brainstormed ideas for outreach. And we talked about the results of that meeting and introduced our new mission and vision statements, both of which have a missional focus.

Did your church celebrate One Great Hour of Sharing? What did you do to mark the occasion?


TN Rambler said...

We didn't really do anything special for OGHS at my church, but we did take the offering. This congregation does a good job of supporting UMCOR advances and so it was a natural for them to support the OGHS offering to cover the UMCOR admin costs.

Olive Morgan said...

I find that having no sense of smell at all has advantages and disadvantages!