Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sad News

Gary Gygax has died.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the memories.

My favorite is when my role playing group got raided by a group of Christians who were sure we must be worshipping demons.

Rest in peace, Mr. Gygax.

Stephen said...

Time to bust out my twenty-sided die one last time for Gary!

I remember my first D&D Basic box set and trying to convince my Grandfather (A Baptist Minister) to play D&D. I'm not quite sure he understood the game.


Ken Lowery said...

Yeah, the store I used to play at got picketed by a group of very concerned Christians.

Damn. Sad face.

The Thief said...

I played for years. In fact, for my brother's bachelor party, we broke out the D&D.

My mom would sometimes play with us when I was in middle school, but she was a pacifist. Didn't work really well.

Ah, the memories. I was saddened to hear of Gary Gygax's death.