Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Bat'leth as an Anti-Zombie Weapon

A few days ago, we discussed weapons to use in melee combat against zombies. I've been pondering whether the Klingon bat'leth might be useful. It has the capability of making all three primary moves against an undead foe: slashing decapitations, skull-popping, and eye-puncturing.

Finding a commercially available battle-ready bat'leth, however, may prove very challenging.


Wesley Sanders said...

Stresspenguin said...

Novelty Bat'leth's are freakin' heavy. You'd have to get one custom made from combat steel.

I made a foam/PVC pipe version of both a standard Bat'leth and a modified Sword of Kahless. They take a lot of getting used to. I'd still be concerned that, even with combat steel, they'd be to heavy for practical use; they're not very balanced swords.

Some modern martial artists have developed a fighting style for Bat'leth's (more linear, rather than the circular movements from the show). I'd want to learn that before taking on Zed with one.

Still, a bat'leth puts you awfully close to your opponent. I don't know If I'd want one during an outbreak or if I'd use a weapon that puts some distance between me and the dead.

rocksalive777 said...

I'm with stresspenguin. As much as I admire Whorf and the glorious Klingon culture, the Bat'leth doesn't give me the distance I want from the zombie swarms. You're probably better off just putting the bayonet on the end of your M-1. Yeah, you have to worry about it becoming dislodged in the zombie, but you can carry multiple bayonets.

John Wilks said...

In spite of your dismissal of my chainsaw notion (what works for Bruce works for me,) I have to second the Bat'leth idea. Whicked awesome.

Oloryn said...

Well, Bruce still had an appreciation for the usefulness of a good ol' 'boomstick'.