Friday, July 11, 2008

Retro Music, II

Last week, I mentioned the Madonna phase I went through when I was 14. During those years, I was also fond of Guns N' Roses. I was introduced to their music with the song Patience, which was also the first music video I ever saw:

[YouTube Link]

My wife is very fond of the majestic love ballad Sweet Child O' Mine. Lead guitarist Slash was at his best in this hit:

[YouTube Link]

But I've always been the most impressed by their narrative video November Rain:

[YouTube Link]

What's your favorite Guns N' Roses song?


truevyne said...

Your wife is going to LOVE this.

So glad you are bloggin' my friend!

John said...

Thanks! That was a hoot!

Brian Russell said...

My favorite songs were "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Patience."

By the way, Rolling Stone magazine is reporting that AxL Rose is finally ready to release a new GNR record.