Saturday, July 05, 2008

Review: Flight of the Living Dead

Flight of the Living Dead is a 2007 documentary about a zombie outbreak onboard a US transatlantic jetliner. Here's a sample scene, not for the faint of heart:

A dwindling number of survivors battle against an ever-increasing number of the undead. Possessing only three handguns and limited ammunition, they improvise weapons as they struggle to regain control of the plane and land it safely.

They use a number of fire-based weapons, which, as I previously noted, are usually more trouble than they are worth -- especially in the contained atmosphere of an airplane. However, given the choice between getting bitten and using an improvised flamethrower, their choices are understandable.

This film highlights the airline industry's lack of preparedness for mid-air zombie attacks and is an ominous warning for the future of air travel unless the TSA enacts immediate changes.

Until that time, you, the air traveller, must take safety into your own hands.


John of the Dead said...

Of particular note, I learned something from watching that film that, in retrospect, seems like it should have been perfectly obvious, but I'd never considered before. Namely, that you have nothing to fear from a zombie without its dentures.

"Aaaah! She's... gumming me!"

John said...

Yes -- it was very fortune that the zombie had lost her dentures by that point.

Oloryn said...

Wouldn't the zombies themselves have an interest in landing the plane safely? A crash typically ends up involving a fire, which wouldn't help the zombies any.