Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Boy Scouts Sure Have Changed

I never made it past Webelos in the Cub Scouts, but I can see that the Boy Scouts of America have made changes in their merit badge system to reflect modern, useful skills. There's even one for blogging. (HT: Neatorama)

So, here are a few samples from the new merit badge list. Your task is to match each badge with the blogger that you think best deserves to be noted for a particular accomplishment.

A. Tent Burning

B. Snoring

C. Roadkill Grilling

D. Outhouse Tipping

E. Lawnmower Racing

F. Fart Lighting

G. Disorienteering

H. Cow Tipping. [My brother did this once when he was 16 and we were living in Pittsburgh. Except that in the dim light, he accidentally pushed over a bull. It's a very good thing that he was a track star.]

I. Cat Herding

J. Belching


The Ironic Catholic said...

I think I'm a cat herder. Yee haw!

Theresa Coleman said...

Hey, I think *I'm* the cat herder!

Gavin is the Fart Lighter.

truevyne said...

My son Peace says that Belching is Eagle required.

John said...

Gavin? Come on, Theresa, you go to Chandler where fart lighting is a doctoral program.

gavin richardson said...

the youth would say snoring for me. i actually excelled at outhouse tipping.