Friday, August 01, 2008

Lesser-Known Stereotypes

Here's a funny list of ethnic stereotypes that you may have unintentionally assumed. A few of my favorites:

01.The laws of physics do not apply to the Chinese.

03. If they wish, Mexicans can return from the dead to form Mariachi bands.

08. It is a common belief in America that all other countries don't really exist.

10. Puerto Ricans can fly, but only when under extreme stress.

15. Czech women can reproduce asexually.

34. Panamanians often cross-dress in public.

39. The President of Burundi is inflammable.

89. If you stand perfectly still, Fijians can't see you.

94. Beninese people turn to gold if you boil them.

1 comment:

psychodougie said...

i realise 8 is wrong, but when you hear US politicians talking about, say, Germany and Europe, and the Iraq-Afghanistan border, you have to wonder what they teach you in school.
tho i'm pretty sure 89 there is true, but i am pretty skinny...