Sunday, August 10, 2008

Periodic Table of Awesomeness

All permutations of awesomeness in the world are actually composed from 118 different, immutable "awesomements". This is only a partial image. Click on the picture for the full view.

HT: Neatorama


Matt said...

While I'm sure they've done extensive research, I'm afraid that the element labled, "Bob Saget," is a horrible mistake. Maybe they meant Bob Seger, Robert "Bob" DiNiro, or Robert "Bob" Duvall. But Bob Saget? They must be missing a proton.

John said...

Yeah, I don't get that either. Although I saw a stand-up routine by Saget a while back that was really good. Still, it wasn't nearly good enough to redeem the depravity of Full House.