Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Question of the Day

How should the U.S. respond to the genocide in Dafur?


Dan Trabue said...

No answers quickly forthcoming?

For such a difficult situation, perhaps that is not surprising.

Invade Russia? Place our own troops in Georgia to fire back at Russian troops? Economic sanctions against Russia? Overthrow Russia's president? Nuke Moscow? Send Witness for Peace style witnesses to Georgian war zones as we did in Nicaragua?

I would like to point to the Friends website:


They have put a good deal of thought into some general guidelines for what to do in situations like this. Are they perfect answers? No, but then, neither is declaring war against Russia or sending troops to Georgia.

John said...

Well, Georgia is a really messy question. They have 2,000 troops in Iraq helping the U.S. out, so we kinda owe them one. Although doing so would be really hard. Maybe we should let the vaunted European Union take care of this one. Georgia is part of Europe.

Anyway, the question was about Dafur.

Dan Trabue said...

Oh, I know, I was just using that as examples of difficult situations. Like Darfur.

It does sound like I'm answering the wrong question, though, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Dan said:

"It does sound like I'm answering the wrong question, though, doesn't it?"

I know it was early when I read your post, but yes, it does. I actually double-checked the question to make sure I did not click on another by mistake. {:^)

I wish I knew more about the situation to comment, but unfortunately, I do not...but I have resources. :)