Monday, November 10, 2008


What is most likely to be my ultimate cause of death?
fatal blogging accident
zombie bite
rabbit uprising
making one too many wisecracks about Jeff the Baptist's bodily aroma
overdose on caption contests free polls


Michael said...

I think once bitten by the zombie, you will flee to blog about it but will stumble upon the rabbits' gathering place as they make their final preparations. While trying to defend yourself, you will attempt to divert attention away from your constant harrasment of rabbits by trying to make jokes about Jeff the Baptist and his unseemly odor. Once you finally reach your computer, you will try to use caption humor to warn of the uprising, but it will actually be the computer itself that will ultimately bite back ... you won't even see it coming because you will have been a weakened state as a result of the zombie bite.

Funny how things work out.

Jeff the Baptist said...

I'm betting one a combination of two and three. Although if you continue to comment on my bodily aroma online, you may suffer from a combination of one and four.