Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Green Feminine and the Red Masculine

Brown University researchers determined that randomly selected people tend to associate green skin tones with women and red skin tones with men, once other gendered traits had been removed from the computer-generated faces that they were shown. This may say more about the cultural norms of the test subjects than anything intrinsic about gender, but it is an interesting result.

It would certainly explain the allure of Orion slave girls, whose dark green skin may create a sense of hyperfemininity among men in their vicinity.

[Video Link]

I do, however, find these results rather dubious, as they do not explain how my entirely blonde-haired, blue-eyed wife is so freakin' hawt.


trekkerjay said...

C'mon John... you know that these types of test results and surveys are always "plus" or "minus" a certain amount of percentage points.... besides in statistical analysis, they usually get rid of results that are off the charts.... so your "hawt" wife is just off the charts, and so not taken into account in the studies... 8-)

John said...

Good answer, Trekkerjay! I think that I'm going to use that one tonight.