Sunday, December 28, 2008

My New Invention

I think that any parent can see the immediate applications of this new stroller accessory. In fact, it's amazing that no one has thought of this before.

With a six pound rifle and a two pound scabbard on one side, it does throw the balance off a bit. Like an old shopping cart.

Note that in the event of a zombie attack, you really are better off just picking up the baby and running. A stroller will only slow you down.


Anonymous said...

You seriously have too much time on your hands, and your imagination is that of a distubed individual.

Stresspenguin said...

But you see, that's why we love him.

Jeff Lutz said...


you could add a large axe on the other side to balance the stroller. I think it would be good to use in close quarters battle.

You're right that it would probably be better to grab the baby and run, but if you are ambushed I see a good reason to have both the gun and axe.


Shay said...

I have twins. Does this come in a double?

Rick said...

If you're a quicker draw than you are fleet of foot, then the accessory would come in handy for zombies, too. However, I'd prefer the AR-15 option.