Monday, January 19, 2009

Evil Plan Generator

This could save me quite a bit of time on a daily basis. It's a automatic idea creator for evil overlords.

It's so simple! I've just now freed up a half hour of time every evening. I wonder what I should do with it now.

HT: Neatorama


trekkerjay said...

ahh yes.... but once your evil plan is realized, you will have to worry about the zombies that will be unleashed....

PamBG said...

When I eventually retire from paid work, I'll have spent the vast majority of my working life in secular employment.

Although my experience of the church has been broadly positive, I too am sometimes surprised to notice that both employees and clients at my previous job were treated better than the church sometimes treats clergy and members. Although it must be said that I didn't work in a industry that relies on exploiting cheap labour to make a profit.

The church has its ideals of how people 'should be' treated but sometimes it does not match up the sheer pragmatism of having to treat people well in order to make a good job of things (and a good profit). It's sad.

I am sorry for the hurt that you have been through.

PamBG said...

Um, I trust you realise that I posted this in the wrong thread? Blush.

John said...

I think that Christian leaders sometimes misuse the notion that Christians will suffer for their faith in this world as an excuse to not prevent abuse, and Christians willingly martyr themselves to abuse relationships in the Church because they believe that they have a moral duty to do so.