Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Art Blogging: Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy (1931- ) is an American photographer and actor. He began working in the craft at the age of 13, but only received formal training later in life at UCLA. In 2003 he retired fully from acting to focus on his photographic work.

You can listen to a NPR interview about his photography here.

273-59 from The Full Body Project. This is a collection of photographs of very large women, mostly nudes.

93-12 from The Shekinah Project. Nimoy, who is Jewish, explored his ethnic identity through this series. The Shekinah is a concept in Jewish theology referring to the presence of God.

Lake Tahoe Rain, where Nimoy has a house.

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Todd said...

He was on William Shatner's Raw Nerve last week. He was talking about acting and photography. It was fun to see him something other than his iconic role. And being respected for that.

He referred back to his start in photography and had the original camera that he started with.