Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Question of the Day

Name your poison.
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Matt Akins said...

They're all poison to the writer in my soul that longs to be free.

John said...

Matt, I need to make a correction to your comment:

They're all poison to the writer in my soul that longs to be free (Akins 39).

There now, Matt, isn't that better?

Matt Akins said...

How very apropos :)

John said...

I am astonished at all the people who are voting for APA. APA is for dorks. All the cool kids are doing Turabian these days.

You wanna try some T? I won't tell your parents. It's fun and I won't charge you anything.

Stresspenguin said...

I had APA nearly memorized.

Then I went to seminary. I hate doing "T" simply because I don't have it memorized. I hate thinking about...ugg..."style."

trekkerjay said...

I think that Word, or any other word-processing program, should have a "tool" or "utility" that one who is writing can choose which style they need to write in, and the computer program will then automatically format the paper in the chosen style... everything from formatting the margins to formatting the quotes to formatting the citations... it should be built into the word-processing program. I mean, there is already spell check and grammar check - why not "writing style check"?

Now of course if the person writing does not wish to avail herself/himself to using one of the standard writing styles, or if they should wish to do the formatting on their own with no help from the computer, then there should also be a choice of "freestyle", which allows them to do just that...

C'mon all you computer geeks and programmers... something like this could make you rich!!

John said...

I'm pretty sure that Word 2007 has this capability. And there are several add-on programs that do automatic citation.

You just have to make sure that they're using updated versions of your chosen documentation style.