Thursday, April 09, 2009

Do Not Get an Easter Rabbit

Bunny lovers like myself start worrying at this time of year because some people buy and sell rabbit kits as "presents" for Easter.

Don't do this. Do not ever give a rabbit -- or any other animal -- as a gift.

A rabbit is not a toy that can be shoved into the closet after you get bored with it. It is a living creature with physical and emotional needs. The decision to buy a rabbit should not be a casual one.

As the House Rabbit Society says during this time of year "He's not a child's toy. He's a real, live, 10-year commitment."


Black Pete said...


CMinor said...

And Amen!
On behalf of our real, live furry commitment which we rescued off the roadside two years ago.

James R. Rummel said...

You keep bunnies? I didn't know that!

I'm a dog lover myself. Bunnies bane!


John said...

Well, my last rabbit died a few months ago. But yes, I'm a bunnyman.

bob said...

Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Bunnyman, what kind of super powers does that entail.

John said...

Well, according to Palladium's Heroes Unlimited it would give me nightvision, an enhanced sense of smell, and the ability to tunnel rapidly.