Friday, May 01, 2009

The 7 Types of Bosses According to Star Trek

Geekery blog i09 has an outstanding explanation of different types of supervisor personalities, using leaders from Star Trek as examples.

The cold fish. He's always brooding and staring into his raktagino. When he does smile, it's usually a bitter smile at some irony he's spotted. Seldom praises your work, and when he does, there's often a bit of an edge to it. His main other mode besides glowering is screaming rage. But he does at least know how to laugh at himself... in a gloomy way.
How to handle him: Keep your distance. Learn how to read his little signals — like if he leaves his "special" baseball on his desk, that means he's planning on coming back after lunch. Or if he nods slightly, that means "Great job, keep it up!" Or maybe: "I'm firing you after lunch."

HT: Neatorama


Jeff the Baptist said...

Avery Brooks teaches acting. I always found that horrifying. While playing Ben Sisko, he had three distinct moods: giddy happy, dark brooding, and over-enunciated anger. That was his whole acting shebang.

John said...

Yes, that's a good summary. He was a decent actor, but not extraordinary.

I guess in the acting world, those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.