Sunday, May 17, 2009

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

I'll always side with Trek on this debate, but this College Humor video points out that their plots are basically the same.

UPDATE: Okay, the embed code isn't working. Here's the hard link to the video.


Keith Taylor said...

Sorry John,

I've always sided with Star Wars on this arguement.

There is no way that the Federation's array of starships could possibly take on the resources of either the Empire or the Rebel Alliance for that matter.

As for your earlier post about the furture and all the dogooder types in Star Trek, I say the Star Wars characters are much closer to reality.

Do you really think the Enterprise could take on the likes of the Death Star, a Super Star Destroyer, or even a fleet of tie fighters?

Vader could take on the Enterprise by himself. LOL


John said...

Vader would have to get in range in order to use his Force powers. Could the Enterprise take out a technologically primitive Super Star Destroyer? Of course it could.