Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quote of the Day

Geek With a .45 on Rousseau, an Enlightenment philosopher whose ideas gave support for the more extreme statist brutalities of the French Revolution:

One of the ideas that occurred to me fairly recently is that there is a number of people in the world whose graves really ought to be shat upon routinely. If I were ever to compile a list, Jean Jacques Rousseau would be very high on it. Sadly, he is buried in the Pantheon of Paris, a well guarded structure that makes the matter of actually rendering any scatological salute impractical.

Who would you put on such a list?


bob said...

I would never do that but if I had to choose. It would have to be the man who started the U.S. down the path of reduced liberty and towards a lifetime of entitlement. He also started a much larger ponzi scheme than Bernie Madoff. You probably already guessed, it's FDR.

John said...

Not a bad choice. I might join you, if FDR had not been such a fine wartime president.