Friday, August 14, 2009

A Word of Advice

Every now and I then, I check to see what search terms are used to find my blog. And sometimes, these are the search strings that I find:

single pastors looking to get married

single pastor that wants a wife

Ladies, gather near and let me impart a bit of wisdom to you:


I don't know what rationale is leading you to embark on this search, and I'm afraid to ask. Whatever it is, you need to get off the crazy train before it takes you to your destination. Because if you want to become a pastor's spouse, especially a pastor's wife, you are in need of major therapy or contact with cold, hard reality. And if you're marrying a man because he is a pastor, then you're getting married for the wrong reason; you're making a lifetime commitment based upon a job description, not a relationship.

Just stop, and back away from the computer, and think about what you're doing. If it would help, go to an actual pastor's wife and run your idea past her. Allow her to physically slap you a few times, if necessary. But stop what you're doing. Now.


yipeng said...

It could be the pastors looking for advice :D

Clergy Guy said...

Good advice. It could be that the hardest thing about being a pastor's wife is not the stupid hoops the church will put her through, but that she actually has to live with the pastor!

John said...

It's possible, yipeng. I hope that that's all that's going on.