Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick Reviews of the New DC Animated Movies

Today, I watched Batman/Superman: Public Enemies. In the midst of economic chaos, Lex Luthor is elected President of the United States. He immediately moves to bring superheroes under his control by co-opting those who accept official recognition and using them to capture those who won't join him. Batman and Superman become outlaws, all while an asteroid made of kryptonite continues its collision course with earth.

The movie is a 66-minute thrill ride and quite rewarding for the DC fan. The plot is fast, the action is well-directed, and atmosphere is serious. The movie features the original voice actors from the DC Animated Universe, which is a nice touch.

A few weeks ago, I watched Green Lantern: First Flight. Unlike Batman/Superman, which assumes that viewers are completely familiar with the characters and general mythos, this is a superhero origins movie, as well as a cop story. So its main failing is that it compresses a lot into 77 minutes. In the first twenty minutes, Hal Jordon learns of the existence of aliens, is recruited into an alien police force, and is dispatched on his first interstellar mission. He doesn't seem to suffer any mental whiplash at all of these changes, which is a bit unrealistic. Still, I don't think that a writing team could have done a better job of fitting the entire Green Lantern story into a short movie, so it's a forgivable error. Overall, it's a good superhero movie.


Jeff the Baptist said...

Hmm added to the netflix queue.

I have to say that some of the post-DCAU titles kind of bothered me. It's not just that some of them really sucked. It's mostly that stories like Superman: Doomsday used the same voice cast, but different continuity and character designs than the DCAU. It made the end product feel really warped to me.

John said...

Yes, I noticed that. The DCAU was great. Attempts to get creative with it have not made it better.

The upside? Power Girl.