Monday, October 05, 2009

Winston Churchill Motivational Posters

If you haven't ever seen the blog The Art of Manliness, you must check it out. It is a clarion call for and examination of (an idealized) classical masculinity. Most recently, the authors produced a series of motivational posters using pictures of and quotations by Winston Churchill.

While preparing for the birth of our first child, my wife and I considered different baby names. I thought that if I had a son, he should be named after a great man that he could really look up to. Winston Churchill was easily within the top five (others included George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and William-Adolphe Bouguereau). Well, we had a girl, and my wife prudently pointed out Winston is an odd name. The latter is sad, for Sir Winston would be the sort of man that I would like a son to emulate.


Jeff the Baptist said...

I remember seeing something on Queen Elizabeth II a few years back. Tony Blair was talking about how much he valued her guidance on matters of state. The interviewer asked him why and he pointed out that she had 50 years of experience and her first Prime Minister was Winston Churchill.

bob said...

I enjoy the Art of Manliness as well.