Friday, November 27, 2009

Time Traveler Essentials

Image: TopatoCo

In an episode of The Twilight Zone, a businessman travels back in time and buys land where he knows oil was later discovered. But he's unable to capitalize on the purchase because the drilling equipment necessary to extract it hasn't been invented yet. Although he knows how to use the equipment, he doesn't have the ability to built it.

Such is a common complaint of time travelers: they know how to use modern technology, but have no idea how to duplicate it in a world that knows nothing of such marvels. So be prepared by keeping this image in your pocket at all times. It'll tell you the basic information you'll need to partially reproduce modern sanitation, medicine, measurement, and chemistry.

What would you add to the poster?

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Matt Akins said...

1) How to make soap.

2) How to make fire from generally available materials (wood, stone, etc)

3) How to flint knap.

4a) Remember to boil the water, even if it came from snow.
4b) While your at it, skip the water and drink wine or beer.
4c) How to make wine & beer

5) Wear wool, avoid cotton

6) if your socks are wet, it's time to stop and dry them.

7) most people in the ancient world did not speak english.

John said...

7) most people in the ancient world did not speak english.

You clearly haven't seen many time travel movies. English was universally spoken in previous generations, worldwide.