Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Batman: The Animated Series Writers' Bible

A writers' bible is a reference guide given to writers for a series, describing the worldbuilding, characters, emphases, and limitations that the producers desire to see expressed in scripts. At the link, you'll see the writers' bible for Batman: The Animated Series -- the excellent 90s cartoon that formed the first pillar of the DC Animated Universe. If you're a fan of the series, it makes for fascinating reading. Here's a sample.

Our version of Batman will rely less on gadgets and more on his own deductive powers and fighting skills. Staying true to The Batman's original conception as "the world's greatest detective," we want to stress his mental abilities, whether he be assembling clues in a case or using his vast scientific knowledge in the Bat cave's laboratory. He is a crime-fighter who is skilled in many languages and is also a consummate master of disguise.

Link via io9


Jeff the Baptist said...

Wow thanks for that. I'm glad they changed Mr. Freeze's background story though. I didn't realize that Batman TAS created the new character history for him though. I was also surprised that Harley Quinn doesn't show up in the series bible.

John said...

The intro episode for Mr. Freeze is among my favorites.

I like my Batman like I like my chocolate: dark.

Jeff the Baptist said...

I like Batman dark instead of campy, but I don't like the near-insane Batman from many of the comics. The DCAU Batman is brilliant and driven, but his demons are largely behind him not worn on his sleeve like some emo teenager.

John said...

not worn on his sleeve like some emo teenager.

Ha! I like that.