Saturday, December 12, 2009

William Shatner's Raw Nerve

(Video Link)

William Shatner's Raw Nerve is an interview show on the Biography Channel. It reveals something about Shatner that I never would have guessed: he is a fantastic interviewer. He is quite skilled at drawing out a guest and perceiving the emotional motivations that drive a person's life. It must be an especially difficult task for a flamboyant actor to remain on screen but put someone else at the center of attention, but Shatner performs this task admirably. Above, you can see these characteristics in his interview with Rush Limbaugh.

I'd also note that although he's known as a hackneyed actor, Shatner really demonstrated his acting chops in Boston Legal as the semi-senile (but fully aroused) lawyer Denny Crane.

Hat tip to someone for the video, but I can't remember whom at the moment.


Divers and Sundry said...

The Shat rules!

Jeff the Baptist said...

The only bad thing about that show is that it should be an hour. You just get the feeling that half the interviews are left on the cutting room floor.

Rich said...

Thanks, dude. I enjoyed the clip ...well, episode.

John said...

Yes, the interview ended before it should have. Limbaugh and Shatner had just reached an important point, and then it ended.