Thursday, January 21, 2010

Deleting MySpace

(Video Link)

This great video by SuperNews reminded me that it was long past time to delete my MySpace account. So I did.

If you liked this video, you might also enjoy SuperNews' take on twitter.

Are you still on MySpace?

via Popped Culture


Divers and Sundry said...

I opened a MySpace account years ago to check it out. There were horror stories about the dangers, and some of the moms I knew were having panic attacks and shutting down their kids' accounts. Maybe it was because my kids weren't real little at the time, or maybe it was because we had regular discussions about online safety as a matter of course, but my problem with MySpace wasn't the safety issue but the clutter and boredom. It just wasn't my thing, but my account is still there. The kids now use Facebook. Nobody here tweets, though I have looked into it.

John said...

I never cared for MySpace because a page could become so easily cluttered. And I've never cared for Facebook because the interface is so user-hostile.

Anyway, I prefer to remain pseudonymous, rather than have myself and my business all over the Internet.