Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Star Trek Family Photo

star trek family

This picture was submitted to the photoblog Awkward Family Photos and brought to my attention by Melissa Fouch at Nerd Bastards. She recommends not only therapy for the kids, but criminal prosecution for the parents. I'm not so sure. I think that it's pretty cool, although there would be hell to pay at the high school that these kids attend if the pictures circulated.

Notice that the boy on the lower left side -- a lieutenant commander -- is the only one wearing rank insignia. The rest ought to be put on report.

Link via Nerd Bastards


Divers and Sundry said...

What kinda outfit is that the mom is wearing? I vote for therapy for her.

John said...

Yeah, that is a weird one. Like Lwaxana Troi if she was a puritan.

Dan Trabue said...

Who gives their kid a red shirt?! What's that saying to that kid?

John said...

Ha! Good point, Dan. I hadn't thought of that.