Thursday, February 04, 2010

The 10 Wost SciFi Snubs in Oscar History

back to the future

At io9, Cyriaque Lamar has a list of what she (he?) considers to be ten times in the history of the Academy Awards when an Oscar definitely should have gone to a science fiction film. I fully agree that the 1985 Oscar for Best Screenplay should have gone to Back to the Future, which was a pretty innovative concept at the time.



Divers and Sundry said...

"The Academy sure does love those darling 1900s period pieces."


And, though I'm a poor judge of such things, I agree with that writer about a lot of this. That a movie has won an Oscar doesn't impress me. It's certainly not a reason for me to seek it out.

Johnny Cat said...

I grew up watching the Oscars, and ever since 1978's broadcast, I've realized they award the honor to their friends, not the true innovators. As a result I still haven't seen Annie Hall, out of pure disgust.

They'll give it to Cameron, though. He's their friend.

John said...

Yes, an Oscar shouldn't mean much. But a Golden Raspberry is a big deal.

Annie Hall is a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it.