Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amazing Personal Gaming Room

gaming room

burntwire brothers, a user of The Acaeum message board, built a simply AMAZING gaming room -- yes, a room created solely for the purpose of playing role-playing games -- which he calls the "D&D Room". Many, many astounding pictures of this detailed room at the link:

I have been working on and off for about 2 years building our "D&D ROOM" to hold most of our collection and give us a cool place to play. I did 99.9% of the work myself with just a bit of help in the attic from my brother Shawn. All lighting is controlled by the DM via a dimmer/control box mounted under the table. When you walk in the lights automatically come on via a contactor mounted in the closet. There is also hidden strobe and fog machine for effects. I also mounted speakers in the beams and have a sound system in the closet. Here are a few photos...

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bob said...

It looks like something they might have done on Monster House.

John said...

I had to Google that to find out what you meant. That movie is unfamiliar to me.

For years I've told my wife that I want a fireplace with crossed swords over the mantle. She's always said -- quite firmly -- no.

bob said...

Monster house was a TLC cable show where they renovated a families home. Sometimes it would be a mideivel theme some times stockcar. Kind of like Trading Spaces only way over the top.