Monday, February 15, 2010

Everything I Need to Know About Winter I Learned From SciFi Movies

kirk ice

John Scalzi examined five science fiction movies and discerned prudent advice about winter survival from them. A few examples:
  • From The Empire Strikes Back: "Have you practiced using the force to dislodge your lightsaber from a snow pile while you're hanging upside down? And why not?"
  • From Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: "From time to time, you may find yourself sentenced to an icy prison planet. When that happens, it's okay to ask for weather-appropriate clothing instead of just going in whatever you happen to have on. Sure, someone in prison might take it from you when you get there, because that's what people on icy prison planets do. But until then, you'll be toasty."
  • From The Day After Tomorrow: "When half of the continental United States is encased in ice, saying "How's the global warming working out for you?" in an arch and sarcastic way will get you thrown out into the cold. Because while technically you may be right, now is not the time."
via Glenn Reynolds


The Quark Observer said...

What about John Carpenters 'The Thing'?

John said...

I haven't seen it. What does it offer on winter survival?