Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Record-Breaking Star Trek Cosplay

(YouTube Link)

There was a ginormous Star Trek cosplay event in London as a promotional gimmick for the new Star Trek Online game.

I do this kind of thing now and then. I usually go as a Betazoid wedding guest, since I have the costume.

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Jeremy Barker said...


TN Rambler said...

Thanks for not sharing a photo of you as a Betazoid wedding guest.

John said...

I like my body.

John said...

TN Rambler, did you delete your blog?

TN Rambler said...

Yes, John, I did. It had reached the end of its life so I saved it to my laptop and deleted the blog. Perhaps it will return in some other form at some other time. I probably forgot to remove the link from my blogger profile. Thanks for asking.