Thursday, February 11, 2010

Your Star Trek Personality

Who is your favorite Star Trek captain and what does your choice say about your personality? Wolf Gnards offers up some psychological analysis for people who favor Pike, Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko, and and Archer. Rarely is Christopher Pike mentioned among such lists, but Wolf Gnards includes him, stating:

Captain Christopher Pike – the Antagonist

Pikes are a distance sort with little in the way of communication besides the odd beep and blip. Liking Captain Pike says you have little self confidence. You are so closed in and sheltered that you identify with the most obscure captain possible. If Trekkers have problems relating to everyday life, Pikers have trouble relating to everyday Trekkers. And most likely Pike fans just like to argue for the sake of argument, when they do muster up social courage, it's mostly just so they can pick a fight.

Look at the listing for your favorite captain. Would you say that it is accurate?


The Quark Observer said...

Pike is/was the coolest IMO!

Rich said...

Was this page designed to offend people?

Man, this personality assessment has me rather peeved. Sisko: The Humdrum? Did I imagine things, or did he just have the nerve to insulted The Sisko? (and me while he is at it.)

Sisko fans never going any where, and never do anything. Hah! While it is true that I myself have moved away to college and then half a continent away from my roots, (NC to Oklahoma and back again) I am certainly not a do-nothing as is implied, or rather, explicitly stated.

Sisko was about moral fiber. Integrity. THAT's what he was about; that's what DS9 was about. (in my opinion)

Yes, I can see Sisko representing a largely conservative viewpoint with his family values and morality, but not as extreme as seems to be alleged.

And poor Pike!

Anonymous said...



I mean, you know, if I'm out in public, or if I'm renting a movie, then one of the other, more familiar, more masculine captains.

But "Voyager" was the only Star Trek series I ever scheduled my evening around. So, I guess, Janeway. But I'll furiously deny the implications.

Wolf Gnards said...

Wow. I definitely don't want to start any fist fights. Please, don't take anything I say too seriously.

That's what I love about this though, we associate so much with our captain of choice that a slight against them is a slight against us.

But I'll stand by my words. I've never meet a Sisko fan who was the life of the party. And do you really like Janeway or do you like Seven of Nine's butt?

John said...


I think that Janeway fans aren't necessarily eunuchs (or hermaphrodites). She could get pretty tough and ruthless at times -- more so than Picard, for one.

She wasn't as badass as Kirk. Kirk was a classical naval officer. But he wasn't the leader of a community trapped on the far side of the galaxy 75 years from home. Janeway was flexible enough to lead such a community. I'm not sure that Kirk could.

John said...

Wow. I definitely don't want to start any fist fights. Please, don't take anything I say too seriously.

Don't worry Wolf Gnards, we're all having fun. We wouldn't be geeks if we didn't get into a too-serious argument over something largely inconsequential.

As to your Janeway-Seven question: there were fans attending the show long before Seven showed up.

John said...

Rich wrote:

Was this page designed to offend people?

That's what I'm going for.

Oh, you mean Wolf Gnards. Sorry, I misunderstood.

I found Sisko to be a little boring early in the series. In fact, the series was a little boring until the Dominion War got going. That gave the writers a lot of room for plot and character development.

John said...

Pike was pretty cool, Quark Observer. All we have to go with is "The Cage", but he really represented a Greatest Generation vision of masculinity that is simply awesome.

Divers and Sundry said...

Kirk! I see many people who just hold wrong ideas here. It's Kirk, folks. How can you not see The Truth of the matter? *sigh* The work of spreading the news continues...

Johnny Cat said...

Can't I just be Spock?