Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Domino's Test

pizza 001

Domino's Pizza, in a very frank ad compaign, admitted that their pizza tasted terrible. So they threw out their old recipe and started from scratch. James Rummel and Steven Den Beste put it to the test, and since I want to do whatever the cool kids are doing, I have, too.

I ordered a large with ham and pineapple -- my preferred toppings -- for pickup priced at $14. It wasn't too bad, compared to the overbaked cardboard substances that I remember from previous Domino's experiences. But some problems: the cheese was not fresh, the dough was unevenly spread, and there was a strange and unpleasant yellow powdered topping on the crust.

Papa John's is slightly more expensive, but substantially tastier. Domino's has improved its fare, but not really enough to make me switch.

Grade: B


Mike said...

I accidentally ordered their "thin crust" pizza a few weeks ago, and it was like eating toppings on a cracker.

I agree with you though, not fantastic, Papa Johns is better, although I still prefer Round Table. Unfortunately, Round Table hasn't branched out to my new state of residence yet.

bob said...

To get truly good pizza you have to stay away from the chains.

John said...

I've never heard of Round Table.

Unless my wife is cooking, I prefer to get pizza from Papa John's.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bob.

And, really, is it even possible to make a decent pizza south of Pennsylvania? The farther you get from the city, the more the pizza begins to taste like something else...