Monday, March 01, 2010

The Simplified Movie Posters of Riccardo Bucchioni

spiderman movie poster

Artist Riccardo Bucchioni made eight neat movie posters, including Kill Bill, A Clockwork Orange, and The Empire Strikes Back. He even folded them, giving them an authetnic, vintage look.

via Comics Alliance


Johnny Cat said...

Hmmm, the Empire Strikes Back poster has a Death Star on it. Did Mr. Bucchioni see ESB? Or is the implication that Darth Vader misses his erstwhile space station a lot.

John said...

I didn't spot that huge error. The poster would better fit episodes IV and VI.

RB said...

ah! the death star is there just for a graphic, visual, purpose.

i'm a big fan of SW and i didn't think that was a "mistake" :)