Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet

Artist Brian Rood made a Stormtrooper helmet that was inspired by the steampunk art movement. He's auctioning it off to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation.

via GearFuse


Rich said...

Steampunk is a genre of fandom that rather crept up on me.
What is generally considered to mark it's beginning, I wonder?
Wild Wild West? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

Rich said...

Update: I got curious, a fatal flaw of mine,

I enjoyed this read, Parts I to V. I almost laughed aloud when it reminded me of Back to the Future III's Steampunk elements. And let me recommend Time After Time as a movie way worth watching.

John said...

That was an interesting read.

I figured that Steampunk began as retro sci-fi, seeing Jules Verne as the center of the genre.