Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Video Game Tactile Interface Vest

University of Pennsylvania graduate student Saurabh Palan has developed a tactile interface vest for video games. If you get wounded in a game, you feel a little bit of the sensation. The technology allows for a variety of different simulations, including gun shots:
We wanted to simulate the gun shot such that it feels almost real but without causing any harm or long term injury to the user. This part proved to me much more tedious then it seems. It was really difficult to imagine how gun shot really feels like. Searching for people who have been shot and are absolutely fine about describing it was proving to be next to impossible. Internet surfing only gave us information that the gunshot is actually felt a few moments after you have been hit and the area around the shot either has a burning sensation or becomes numb. Also the brain slowly becomes numb or dizzy due to loss of blood.

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