Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Amazingly Detailed Miniature Model of Bag End

Maddie Chambers of Chesterfield, UK, made this very detailed model of the home of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins:
There is a tiny one-inch version of the Baggins family tree framed on one of the walls, an even smaller, fully accurate map of Middle Earth and even notes in Frodo's 'Elvish' handwriting littering the hobbits lounge.

The kitchen is stocked with miniaturised food and utensils and a barrel bearing a longbottom leaf label the ale drunk by the hobbits in the record-breaking films.

Every scrap of furniture been created from scratch and duvets, rugs and towels mean any tiny hobbits could live in comfort.

There is also a shelf of microscopic books on offer and beautiful dresser drawers and wardrobes to help fashion-conscious elves look the part.

via Sci Fi Wire



Amazing. That would be awesome if she could work electrics into the place and a lightswitch with dimming control for when Gandalf isn't in a good mood.

John said...

That would be handy -- as well a wind machine.