Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cub Scouts Create Award for Video Games

Start 'em young. The Cub Scouts now have an award for playing video games. Here are some of the requirements:
1. With your parents, create a plan to buy a video game that is right for your age group.
2. Compare two game systems (for example, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and so on). Explain some of the differences between the two. List good reasons to purchase or use a game system.
3. Play a video game with family members in a family tournament.
4. Teach an adult or a friend how to play a video game.
5. List at least five tips that would help someone who was learning how to play your favorite video game.
6. Play an appropriate video game with a friend for one hour.
7. Play a video game that will help you practice your math, spelling, or another skill that helps you in your schoolwork.
8. Choose a game you might like to purchase. Compare the price for this game at three different stores. Decide which store has the best deal. In your decision, be sure to consider things like the store return policy and manufacturer’s warranty.
9. With an adult’s supervision, install a gaming system.

I like video games, and I don't think that they're necessarily harmful, but there's nothing constructive in these requirements. What useful skills or values is a boy learning from this list? Okay, maybe a little technical ability by installing a game. But that's it. Here's what I would suggest:
1. Present an argument to your scout leader about how a particular game that you have played improves your critical thinking skills. Win the argument.
2. Interview a game designer. Discover and list the skills necessary to become a game designer.
3. Unless physically disabled, run one mile in under ten minutes.

What would you put on such a list?

via Boing Boing


leBolide said...

I think the merit badge requirements teach something like basic project management. Instead of just playing a video game, they must compare systems, comparison shop, write training materials, train another person, etc.

But then again, it depends on how much of the project the scout does, rather than his mother.

John said...

I suppose it's a form of project management. But I think that my requirements on top of them could ensure that it is not.

the reverend mommy said...

I think you should get extra credit if you play Ding-Dong Ditch at Gabe Newell's house.

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