Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Man Sells Atari Video Game Cartridge for $31,600

When Tanner Sandlin of Austin, Texas was 12 years old, he bought a cartridge for the Atari 2600 video game Air Raid. He spent about 5 or 10 dollars. He just sold it for $31,600:
Oddly enough, Sandlin remembered that this much sought after game wasn't really all that great. In fact, the only reason he still had it was because it was so bad. He and his friends used to borrow games from each other all the time --sometimes you'd get your game back, sometimes you wouldn't, and that was OK. But no one wanted to keep Air Raid, so it kept coming back to him.

He's not complaining now.

While it's impressive that Sandlin had the thirteenth known copy of Air Raid, he also had the original packaging, which changed everything. Why? Because his was the only known Air Raid box in the world, making it the only known complete copy of the game in existence.

via Marooned

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