Monday, April 26, 2010

Spock + Sunset + Pie

NimoySunsetPie is a photoblog that combines three wonderful things: Spock, sunsets, and pie.

Hmm. Mabye I should create a Xena + Reuben Sandwich + Recliner blog.

What three things would you combine to create a beautiful photoblog?

via Sci Fi Wire


Johnny Cat said...

Inside of Black Hole, Dividing by Zero, Murky Shadows.

Am I getting tired of these blogs? No, they're perfectly wonderful, I just think this one would stand out among the crowd.

Jeremy Barker said...

lightning + Connery + car

Hmm, maybe I'll mock up a couple of those.

John said...

Johnny Cat -- a pessimistic blog would. Or you could go for the grotesque.

Jeremy -- go for it! Use thy photoshop skills.

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