Thursday, April 15, 2010

Which Franchise has the Most Rabid Fans?

io9 is hosting a poll that asks which science fiction and fantasy fanbase is the most fanatical. I'm going with Harry Potter, but I admit that I'm influenced by my utter lack of interest in the series. I had to read the first novel back in library school, and it never grabbed me. What did you vote for?


Johnny Cat said...

I voted for Twilight based on the adjectives "rabid" and "passionate" even though I hate the series. These people actually had the nads to show up at Comic Con and suffer the wrath. That's passion.

I'm in the Firefly camp, myself.


@MC Absolutely not, what an absurd notion!

The only conceivable scenario in which this could happen is if they were only reading it as ammo for their arguments as to why Twilight is a shit sandwich.

John said...

I heard about those Twilighters who showed up. I think that they were more confused that courageous.