Monday, July 04, 2005

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup #20

Here's the week in review in the Methodist blogosphere:

James Gibson wrote about the progressive Christian understanding of 'spiritual activism', his thoughts on the US Supreme Court, and the mixing of conservative political and theological activism.

Gerry Charlotte Phelps blogged about Reagan's accomplishments as President.

Chris Morgan has the most bizarre sermon analogy I've ever seen.

At Bandits No More, Steve Heyduck wrote about Live 8 and how to elevate oneself to bishop in the UMC. Richard blogged about churches as nannies to adults and church growth.

Beth Quick blogged about Live 8 and recycling arguments in blogs.

James Swanson wrote about health care in Tennessee.

Cole Wakefield blogged about same-sex marriage in Europe.

At Connexions, Richard Hall wrote about Christians being active in the political sphere, criticism of the Make Poverty History campaign, and his first podcast. Joel Thomas invited readers to crawl inside his head.

ConXian blogged about confronting the controlling power of sin.

Dave Warnock wrote about translating gender in the Bible and confronting misogyny through a Christian perspective.

Dean Snyder blogged about being pro-choice in the UMC and making the UMC receptive to pro-choice voices, how conservative and liberal Methodists view legal language, British Methodists and gay marriage, the California-Nevada Conference's rulings on homosexuality, the commercialization of Christianity, and interviewed an official of the Alaska Missionary Conference about church growth.

Donald Sensing wrote about the chickenhawk argument, the role of Iraq in the war on terror, the use of napalm by the terrorists in Iraq, the death of a local soldier in Afghanistan, the US Army's bad recruiting methods, and fisked an editorial about military stategy in the New York Times.

Gavin Richardson blogged about the failings of an Emergent Christian.

Grandma Jean argued against having female preachers.

Gregory Lee wrote about spiritual warfare as an epic saga.

Guy Williams blogged about the wisdom of John Chrysostom and the place of the 10 Commandments in the public sphere.

Inside Mike's Head wrote about wrestling with the Sermon on the Mount and finding God in chaos.

Jay Voorhees wrote about making out with a hot chick at a Billy Graham crusade (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!)

Joel Furhmann blogged about the morality of small government.

John Wilks wrote about keeping faith in the midst of persecution, being teachable by the Holy Spirit, and how modern Christianity attempts to control Jesus.

Jordan Cooper blogged about the Make Poverty History program and Canadian football.

Josh Tinley wrote about the construction boom in Nashville, the future of the US Supreme Court, and the President's odd choice of speech timing.

Ken Carter questions whether the war in Iraq has been worth the cost.

Maobi blogged about ex-hostages hiring bounty hunters to kill their captors, Islamic terrorism in Thailand, and the War on Terror as a game of poker.

Matthew Johnson wrote about the teachings of Bishop Tom Wright and the blessing of not being brilliant.

Wes Magruder blogged about making appointments for pastors in Cameroon.

Progressive Christian wrote about his views on prayer, his weekly blogging schedule, and the iconography of Jesus.

Theresa Coleman is very, very bored [ed. -- this is rare. Candler students can normally be entertained with a ball of yarn or shiny objects], her Presbyterian heritage, and learning about prayer from her cat.

Shawn Richardson wrote about the rocky road in Iraq, both physical and spiritual.

Rev Fife blogged about commonly misused labels in contemporary Christianity and numerical decline in the UMC.

Shane Raynor wrote about a pastor removed from the pulpit for refusing to admit a homosexual to church membership, modern Christian views on witchcraft, problems in British Methodism, and GBCS Chairman Jim Winkler's recent controversial comments.

Scandal of Particularity blogged about the Make Poverty History campaign.

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Theresa Coleman said...

Dear John,
You made me snort water through my nose. Thanks.

John said...

A Candler student tries to drink water and almost drowns herself? Why am I not surprised?