Thursday, September 22, 2005

Instant Messenger Log from Last Night

GAVINRICHA: dude we rocked the house
GAVINRICHA: all the cool metho bloggers were there
JOHNTHEMET: Yeah, I saw the pictures
GAVINRICHA: we had beer
JOHNTHEMET: I saw that, too
JOHNTHEMET: Some sort of ecumenical gesture
GAVINRICHA: they gave us free peanuts
GAVINRICHA: just toss the shells on the floor
JOHNTHEMET: I’ve been to places like that
GAVINRICHA: but not this one
GAVINRICHA: this was for the cool methodist bloggers
JOHNTHEMET: I feel the love here
GAVINRICHA: i noticed that you weren’t there
JOHNTHEMET: Perceptive as always, friend
GAVINRICHA: did i mention the strippers?
JOHNTHEMET: Not buying it. Erin was in the pictures
GAVINRICHA: but the waitresses were dressed like hooters girls
JOHNTHEMET: Not buying that either. Cole was there.
GAVINRICHA: dude you are such a downer
JOHNTHEMET: That’s my modernist mindset at work
GAVINRICHA: they had karaoke
JOHNTHEMET: And that’s supposed to impress me?
JOHNTHEMET: Brilliant idea, there.
JOHNTHEMET: Pour a few beers into Shane and give him a microphone.
GAVINRICHA: it was hilarious
GAVINRICHA: he fell off the stage and onto a biker
JOHNTHEMET: A hardcore biker?
GAVINRICHA: very. he had tattoos on his face
GAVINRICHA: so for no reason we can figure out
GAVINRICHA: shane starts yelling at the biker about bob edgar and the ncc
JOHNTHEMET: the NCC is like a magic button on Shane
JOHNTHEMET: Press it and he detonates
GAVINRICHA: works every time
GAVINRICHA: thing is, no one said anything about bob edgar
JOHNTHEMET: So how does the biker respond?
GAVINRICHA: he was totally creeped out
GAVINRICHA: tried to leave
GAVINRICHA: but shane started shoving him
JOHNTHEMET: I always figured Shane for a ‘mean drunk’
GAVINRICHA: what kind of drunk are you
JOHNTHEMET: I’m a neoplatonic drunk
JOHNTHEMET: though I may appear drunk
JOHNTHEMET: in my true form, I’m sober
GAVINRICHA: dude that is so deep
GAVINRICHA: you ought to write greeting cards
JOHNTHEMET: the Hallmark person cussed at me
JOHNTHEMET: or was that Beth Quick?
JOHNTHEMET: I always get them confused
GAVINRICHA: we could have used beth
GAVINRICHA: we had like a dozen angry bikers on us
JOHNTHEMET: I’m not sure that Beth could have helped
GAVINRICHA: have you seen her crush a soda can
GAVINRICHA: with one hand
JOHNTHEMET: I see your point
GAVINRICHA: dude that psycho look scares the crap out of me
GAVINRICHA: its like straight out of silence of the lambs
JOHNTHEMET: Wilks can’t go around her without wetting his pants
GAVINRICHA: i have to wear depends whenever shes around
JOHNTHEMET: I so did not need to know that about you
GAVINRICHA: theyre snug and comfy

In shameless imitation of the great Bill Ardolino


gavin richardson said...

that's not my IM screenname, but i could see this conversation happening

ColeWake said...

Didn't Gavin mention we all had Rabbit Stew?

Jonathon said...

If you can be a Neoplatonic Drunk, can I be a Celtic Saint Drunk- I can outdrink everyone, not get drunk and my breath still smells like roses....

John said...

I thought that it was something else of yours that smelled like roses.

ColeWake said...


John said...

Cole, you are such a prude.

John said...

(sniff, sniff) it was WATER, OK, W-A-T-E-R!!!