Thursday, October 13, 2005

Maoist Feminism: An Intuitionist Dialectic?

Lee Maracle's noteworthy insights not withstanding, her own subjective logic will not sustain a credible monopropertarian critique of the hierarchical patristicism. As the Chairman himself said:

Changes in society are due chiefly to the development of the internal contradictions in society, that is, the contradiction between the productive forces and the relations of production, the contradiction between classes and the contradiction between the old and the new; it is the development of these contradictions that pushes society forward and gives the impetu6 for the suppression of the old society by the new.

I would think that the willingness of neofascists to embrace formalistic militarism should give us pause before considering such a dramatic intellectual dismemberment.


gavin richardson said...

i'm beginning to wonder about the mental state of rabbits these days.

Sanctimonious Hypocrite said...

Maybe the bunnies have been reading Chomsky.

John said...

Yeah, sorry about that. Ever since Hyz won a free subscription to Dissent, she's never been the same.

She refused to vote for Nader because she said that he was a sellout to the corporate establishment.