Saturday, October 08, 2005

Weekend Rabbit Blogging

The animal kingdom is rising up against us.

It's humanity against the world.

But it doesn't have to stay that way.

We have a faithful ally -- a creature that has never let us down. In fact, one that has helped us: the rabbit.

We shouldn't face the entire animal world by ourselves. That's why I propose that we arm the entire rabbit population of the United States. Imagine how much safer you will be -- and feel -- if a rabbit armed with an AK-47 stood on every street corner, watching out for trouble.

Of course, the lapine militia could also help domestic peace. That's why we should also consider a general human mandatory disarmament. Humans shoot each other all the time. When's the last time that you heard of a rabbit gunning down someone (who didn't deserve it anyway)?

A disarmed human populace served and protected by loyal, heavily-armed rabbit police forces could provide us with the worldwide peace that we've always longed for.

Consider it.


Richard H said...

Was this a resurrection? Or did you cook a different one last week?

John said...

A resurrection. This is a zombie bunny.

Anonymous said...

Mark 16:17-18

LOL ;-)