Friday, May 26, 2006

Heteroy, the Ex-Gay Superhero

From Saturday Night Live.


Eight Iron said...

John -

Interesting video. Its being picked-up by a high-profile outlet like Comedy Central implies that groups helping gays leave a destructive lifestyle are beginning to make inroads.

Ben Clark said...

This video is a hoot! Exodus and other "ex-gay" groups have gained so much notoriety through their youth recruiting and advertisement campaigns that the public is realizing what a farce and fraud so-called ex-gay ministries really are. Many are using gay and lesbians as pawns in their political crusade for political control, money and power. They are no different than the Baptists of the past who once taught that Blacks were to be separated from whites and that marriage between the two races was not acceptable before God. The Bible can be used to uplift, inspire and save or it can be used to abuse and cause heartache and pain due to bigotry and hatred thus dividing families in terrible ways.

Fortunately God is showing the Christian world that He loves His gay and lesbian children as they are, as He created them to be. There are thousands of gay and lesbian Christians who accept Christ as their Savior. They just don't buy into the typical interpretation of the "clobber passages" (biblical passages that are typically used against homosexuality) that many ministers try to fearfully instill into the heads of their congregations. The creeds (traditional interpretation of scripture not based in historical fact) of the fathers have been strongly riveted upon the heads of the children from one generation to the next. Isn't it time that Christians started questioning the typical interpretation of these passages which have been used to marginalize and malign gay people?

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