Sunday, June 11, 2006

Most Ill-Conceived Themes for Vacation Bible School

Malling Adventure

Siberia Trek

Cavalcade of Ethnic Stereotypes

Cross Caber-Tossing Champions

Ark of Ceremonially Unclean Animals

Just Shut Up Until 3 O’Clock and I’ll Give You All the Cookies I Have

Brothers and Sisters in Baal

Dump Your Kids Here for the Week

Upward Bound & Bondage Play

Lichen Safari

What is the most ill-conceived theme for VBS that you have seen/can think of?


Conrad said...

Rickshaw Rally is real. When I first saw that I thought it was someones parady of a silly VBS theme!

Isn't it amazing what the Southern Baptists will come up with.

FSYouth said...

Yes, Rickshaw Rally was real, and it created quite a stir in the Asian community. I first saw it when I went to the local Lifeway, and was stunned by some of the absolute insensitivity and inaccuracy. For starters, Chinese and Japanese culture was mixed up, which is a big faux pas there. Then the oh-so-cute (rolling eyes) children's "takeout box" of goodies they got to keep.

John said...

Yeah, they really didn't think through how well Rickshaw Rally would be received.

I'm surprised that they didn't pull the entire product line.