Sunday, September 24, 2006

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup # 84

Here's the week in review in the Methodist blogosphere:

Rev Abi wrote about bloggers taking breaks, the Pope's remarks about Islam, the Heifer Project for feeding the poor, and Mark Twain's opinions on Christianity.

Allan R. Bevere wrote about how Soren Kierkegaard would advise the modern church. He also began a nine-part series on Bart Ehrman's book Misquoting Jesus. Here are parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. He also wrote about politicians giving speeches in church pulpits (Best of the Methoblogosphere!). And he wrote about the importance of grief in our lives.

Andy Bryan wrote about why some people feel a need to control small, trivial concerns.

Andy Stoddard lectionary blogged for September 18 and 21.

Clif Guy wrote about risk management and church management software.

Beth Quick wrote about the emergence of metrospirituality.

Brian Russell wrote about Ishmael being conceived out of an act of disobedience, but that God made a place for him. He also preached on how we are changed by Easter today.

Bruce Alderman wrote about the relative importance of numbers in church health.

Conservative Seminarian wrote about strawman arguments in the authorship of the Torah, the historicity of Acts, the differences between theological conservatives and liberals, and how ideology affects Biblical translation.

Joel Thomas noted that Jesus isn't checking out your butt.

Dave Faulkner preached on how our own mustard seeds can bring about the Kingdom of God.

Dave Warnock wrote about self-care and being a busy pastor.

Emerging UMC wrote about clear, precise definitions of emergent-y language.

Andrew Thompson wrote about the Prosperity Gospel and violence in Christianity and Islam.
Gerry Charlotte Phelps wrote that the MSM promoted a violent response by Muslims to the Pope's remarks and that it's time to start recruiting delegates for the General Conference 2008.

Daniel McLain-Hixon wrote that winning the War on Terrorism requires retreating from absolutist rhetoric.

Henry Neufield wrote about wastefulness in church architecture, the nature and fairness of God's violence, and whether there are legitimate, modern-day prophets.

Holy Pirate compared studying Christian history with watching sausage being made (Best of the Methoblogosphere!).

Jay Voorhees reviewed the album "The Painter" by the Talbot Brothers.

John Battern looked at the nuances of formulating a pastor's salary, but concludes that he's pretty rich.

Ken Carter preached that if you're a follower of Jesus, you'll find yourself in unlikely places doing unlikely things.

Kevin Baker wrote about the Prosperity Gospel.

Jan Kindle wrote about following Jesus everyday consistently.

Larry Hollon wrote about health care for African mothers, how global warming increases global poverty, and the Pope's remarks and the power of unguarded words.

Michael Daniel wrote about the theology of tithing sermons and making deals with Islamic terrorists.

Michelle Hargrave wrote about Bible stories in Xena: Warrior Princess.

Mike Voigts wrote about the need for the American evangelical church to be converted.

Mitchell Lewis wrote about the theological tension that a Christian soldier feels.

Neil Bishop wrote about Pope Benedict's speech touching Islam.

At New Reality Blog, Ric wrote about Hugo Chavez's UN speech and political insults.

Jason Wooleever wrote about how Christians should approach psychics (Best of the Methoblogosphere!).

ReligioNews wrote about the Pope's recent remarks and the doctrine of Papal infallibility.

Rereason wrote about gloomy Republicans.

Sandpiper wrote about taking pride in our own knowledge and wisdom, living in Heaven here and now, and the Beautitudes and reviewed the book The Will of God.

Sky Lowe-McCracken wrote about St. Augustine, The City of God, and 9/11 -- that's one post, not three. He also wrote about how God's vision for local churches finds its local churches.

Steven Webster got married.

Jonathan Marlowe wrote about Just War Theory and the War on Terrorism.

Dale Lature compared George Bush and Adolf Hitler.

Todd Miller wrote about the virtues of Benjamin Franklin and reviewed the book Jesus Creed.

Tony Mitchell preached on the revolutionary nature of Jesus' gospel and how it can change individuals and congregations.

Wes Whiddon wrote about Hugo Chavez's description of President Bush.

Scott McKay wrote about realizing one's blessings.

Derek Tang wrote a memo to foreign leaders.

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